There have been a lot of changes and innovations in the current EuroBigGame season – especially regarding the teams and the scenario. Here are a few details:

The scenario will be played throughout the entire event. That means that in the end a winner team can be announced – red or blue. But that also means that you can decide for a team beforehand (at the booking), to lead “your” team to victory! But be aware: team-bound tickets are limited! Once they are sold out, you have to decide for a “neutral” ticket (team choice at event). With this ticket you will be – as experienced visitors may know – incorporated every morning in team red or blue depending by the actual need. Unfortunately we can not guarentee that everybody can join his favourite team on this situation.

Another innovation are the six led units in every team. Led means, that each unit has a teamleader, who commands the unit. In addition each unit -depending on the type- owns special abilities, which are locked for regular players. You will also receive tougher and more tactical missions. You can get hold of one of the limited spots in one of the units at the orga on the area – but only with one of the team-bound tickets (red or blue) – and of course only in a unit of “your” team. If you want the full action, grab a ticket and enlist in one of the units at the event.


  • Another team, that is known to EuroBigGame-Visitors, are the Massuckers from the Berlin region. This...